Resources and Solutions

Resources and Solutions

We want all shared resources, solutions, and other inputs to be shared with all IFTBOH members and attendees. For you, we’ve created the following pages to share with you. If you have resources you would like to add please contact us at


Information Security

We believe that data security, data privacy and information security require a combination of hardware, firmware, software and user involvement as well as certain security and privacy protocols and policies. Certain elements are beyond the control of the user, so we will only point them out here, but instead focus on tools and software choices a user can make, and then point users to more advanced policies and protocols he or she can use.


IFTBOH Affiliations

We know that we cannot operate in a vacuum and be successful all by ourselves. As a result, we aim to work with many other organizations to implement our findings and share research resources as well as publicity. We will evaluate how much social media can help us.