Protecting Your Privacy

Posted on 2017-07-05 by: Axel Kloth

I am amazed at what the general public is made to believe. The US system of identifying people using the Social Security Number appears to be somewhat ridiculous, but that is probably the case because there is no federal requirement for registration. That still baffles me as it makes many things difficult, including but not limited to the administration and organization of elections. Be it as it may, using a service that tries to protect your identity by using your SSN in yet another large database seems like that is an invitation for disaster. It is one more large database that holds your SSN. Guess what that makes it? A target. Not through attempts to crack it with brute force but through social engineering and blackmail and holdup. After all, hacking a database with 1 SSN is as hard as hacking one with 10M SSNs. Which one promises a greater return on investment?