CyberSecurity Landscape Pt. II – Stakeholders and Motivations

Join our meeting where we continue the discussion about the various stakeholders in the Cyber Security ecosystem and their motivations.

Topic: In light of the alarming Cyber Security events of early 2021, we will review our thinking and assumptions about the problem, various stakeholders and their interests, the solutions we have imagined could solve these issues and whether they hold up under initial scrutiny from the group!

We will use the IFTBOH Meeting and Topic Progression Flow Rubrics to confirm the three areas of interest: SW Code Supply Chain, Lack of Objective 3rd party Security Posture Ratings for Organizations and whether the Cyber Security apparatus is fundamentally broken and needs to be rethought at a foundational level.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Intros: Who you are and your interest or background in infosec – 1 minute per person
  • Quick recap: Last month’s discussion and where we left off – 10 min
  • Review the topic progression deck – 60 min
  • Wrap Up: 5 min

Organizing Members:

Alex Rayter
Alex is a husband, father, volunteer and operator of Phoenix 2.0, a full service IT & Cyber Security Consulting and Management firm. Alex is passionate about local not for profit organizations and how technology and the power of data can solve societal problems which heretofore felt unapproachable.

1 minute per person - who you are and your interest or background in infosec.

Quick recap: SolarWinds, MS Exchange, Colonial Pipeline - what’s the deal?!

This month's presentation and speaker info to be shared soon! 

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To be posted following the meeting. 

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