Cyber Security – Recent Developments, Insurance, and Randsomware

Please join us this month to revisit the latest developments in Cyber Security.

In this months meeting we will circle back to talking about the latest developments in Cyber Security, one of which is the high bar that Cyber Insurance carriers are setting with new applications for coverage and how this may help in our collective efforts at beating back the scourge of RansomWare. We’ll have a Cyber Insurance specialist talk us through those new and one might say onerous requirements. One of our Committee members, Axel Kloth, will give us an overview of what he found when auditing source code in the Linux kernel and what ensued from there…

Meeting Agenda:

  • Present privacy clause, rules of engagement, and the code of ethics: 5-10 min
  • Privacy Presentation: 30-45 min
  • Group Discussion / Q&A: 15-20 min
  • Wrap Up: 5 min


Alex Rayter – Alex is a husband, father, volunteer and operator of Phoenix 2.0, a full service IT & Cyber Security Consulting and Management firm. Alex is passionate about local not for profit organizations and how technology and the power of data can solve societal problems which heretofore felt unapproachable. Alex also believes that Internet access, and data security and privacy are fundamental rights of our modern society and is committed to helping his clients and those in his network to leverage technology to better their businesses and personal lives.

Featured Speakers:

Matthew Rosenquist – Matthew is an industry-recognized pragmatic, passionate, and innovative CISO and strategic security expert with 30 years of experience. He thrives in challenging cybersecurity environments and in the face of ever shifting threats. A leader in identifying opportunities, driving industry change, and building mature security organizations, Matthew delivers capabilities for sustainable security postures. He has experience in protecting billions of dollars of corporate assets, consulting across industry verticals, understanding current and emerging risks, communicating opportunities, forging internal cooperation and executive buy-in, and developing practical strategies.

Axel Kloth – Axel is a physicist and computer scientist by training, and he is the Founder, President and CEO at Abacus Semiconductor Corporation. He was also the Founder and CTO of Axiado, an AI-enhanced security processor company. He is a serial entrepreneur with a keen sense of technology and its business potential. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to Pegasus Tech Ventures, a global VC firm that conducts the Startup World Cup Challenge. He has been involved in securing data in transit and data at rest for nearly as long as he has been using and developing solutions for HPC. Axel is known as a disruptor and a creative mind to come up with new solutions, and he particularly likes to prove people wrong if they claim something is undoable. To that effect, he was behind the world’s first CML high-speed serial links on bulk CMOS, which was believed to be impossible to do. Axel currently is focused on making sure that data security and privacy can be made available to everyone, and privacy is considered one of the unalienable human rights.

Organizing Members:

Present privacy clause, rules of engagement, and the code of ethics

This months presentation, Privacy: Billion-Dollar Companies Built on You, will be lead by Chris Clausen. 

Following the presentation, we will open up the meeting for a brief Q&A and give participants the opportunity to share their thoughts and remarks.

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