About Us

The members of IFTBOH are a mix of technologists, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. We value inclusiveness, diversity and different points of view. We as a group are not affiliated with any party. That does not mean that we as individuals are non-political.

Founding Members

Shmuel Silverman

Shmuel has spent decades in the technology industry co-founding and selling several successful starts. Today, he spends his time helping companies succeed in building strategic intellectual property portfolios to protect their business opportunities, and in parallel, he is actively developing new technology that enables “trust-and-verify” with strong individual privacy protection.

Alex Rayter

Alex is a husband, father, volunteer and operator of Phoenix 2.0, a full service IT & Cyber Security Consulting and Management firm. Alex is passionate about local not for profit organizations and how technology and the power of data can solve societal problems which heretofore felt unapproachable. Alex also believes that Internet access, and data security and privacy are fundamental rights of our modern society and is committed to helping his clients and those in his network to leverage technology to better their businesses and personal lives.

Chris Clausen

Chris has a background in software strategy, design and development for myriad consumer-facing and behind-the-scenes products in the Fintech and eCommerce spaces, with Chris leading tech/ML/DS, business and operational teams to deliver several first-of-their-kind solutions to customers. Over the past 20yrs Chris has held various leadership posts responsible for enterprise-wide authentication, identity mgmt., and abuse prevention, for some of the largest domestic and international digital marketplaces. He is a co-inventor who has been awarded several patents in the areas of advanced authentication, anomaly detection and fraud prevention. Chris recently started a new enterprise focused on designing and developing new app/AI-based solutions to help seniors live more independent, yet connected and joyful lives, while also aiding the seniors’ families/friend support networks. He is also helping advise select startups.

Executive Committee Members

Axel Kloth

Axel is a physicist and computer scientist by training, and he is the Founder, President and CEO at Abacus Semiconductor Corporation. He was also the Founder and CTO of Axiado, an AI-enhanced security processor company. He is a serial entrepreneur with a keen sense of technology and its business potential. Additionally, he serves as an advisor to Pegasus Tech Ventures, a global VC firm that conducts the Startup World Cup Challenge. He has been involved in securing data in transit and data at rest for nearly as long as he has been using and developing solutions for HPC. Axel is known as a disruptor and a creative mind to come up with new solutions, and he particularly likes to prove people wrong if they claim something is undoable. To that effect, he was behind the world’s first CML high-speed serial links on bulk CMOS, which was believed to be impossible to do. Axel currently is focused on making sure that data security and privacy can be made available to everyone, and privacy is considered one of the unalienable human rights.

Steve Stupp

Steven has more than 25 years experience in the technology industry.  He has founded and served on the management teams of several startups.  Steve has also contributed to a variety of technology fields, including superconductivity, digital communications, biosensors, healthcare and machine learning, at organizations such as Philips Research and Quantum Corp.  He has M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in condensed matter physics from the University of Illinois, and a B.S. degree in physics, summa cum laude, from Tufts University. He was also a visiting scholar at Stanford University in the electrical engineering department.  Steve holds 18 patents and has authored over 35 publications. He is a registered patent agent who has written more than 1,500 patents for startups and Fortune 500 companies, including the first patents for the iPhone.

Nicole Borsian

Nicole is the Chief Operating Officer at Multi-Innovation, a Bay Area IP development firm. Nicole’s background is in biology and organic chemistry, with an emphasis in technical writing. While most of her time has consists of developing strategic portfolios and intellectual property, she now focuses on helping companies of all sizes identify their competitive edge in the market. Nicole is a proud California native who believes all humans have the right to basic things like water, education, and reliable healthcare.

George Usi

After more than twenty-five years in internet open standards, networking, and security, George recognized that getting hacked in an Internet delivered world was a matter of when. Moreover, he noticed that lawmakers were concerned that business stewardship of privacy data was lacking and that Cyber laws with steep sanctions for business leaders that could hold them personally accountable were inevitable and would be a burden for most businesses. So, his vision to keep sensitive data sacred was set along with the mission for Omnistruct to be the “safety harness” of cyber risk for the other 98% of businesses.  

Omnistruct’s Cyber Compliance Service, provides siimple cyber compliance handling of security policies, looming cyber audits, and supply chain security checklists using new US guidelines in cyber security and privacy developed by NIST. 

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