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What is IFTBOH?
We are a group of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and technologists who worry about the adverse impact technology can have on society and humankind, and we seek to right this. We also believe that it is possible to harness technology and innovation for the benefit of humankind, working to devise technology-based solutions to solve some of the biggest societal problems of our time.
Data Security & Privacy

How do we create an interconnected society without constant breaches of security and privacy? Data security and privacy are of utmost importance. Current solutions - including those by the prevailing cloud providers - do not do enough to keep data secure and private. In fact, some make this problem worse by actually collecting an individual’s data.

Advancing Science & Technology

Advancing science and technology, balancing two polar-opposite issues: furthering AI, quelling the risk of AI taking control over human civilization juxtaposed with the increase in anti-science behavior in many of the Western societies. Alternative facts and post-truths not only delay advancement, they threaten human survival on this planet.

Innovation and Technology and their impact on Society and Humankind
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Creating positive change in the world by influencing the directions and changing the status quo of the technical community at large, independent of our corporate agenda.
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The latest news and blogs are posted here from IFTBOH members. The blogs are a compilation of thoughts the IFTBOH members have had and have been willing to contribute.